Enrolment and participation is subject to agreement to the following terms and conditions:

Weather Policy

Our commitment to providing a duty of care to our clients means that sometimes we may need to cancel lessons.  

If you are unsure of the status of lessons due to weather conditions, please do not assume a washout/heatout.  

Where possible your coach will contact you via text message (via our software program) to advise you if your lesson/s will be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Misssed Classes and Make-up Classes

Whilst it is ideal for students to attend all their classes, we do understand that sometimes a class will need to be missed – this could be because you are going on holidays, or your child is heading away on camp or is unwell. 

Please note that The Tennis Institute offers Make-Up classes as a courtesy to our clients and students. We cannot always guarantee that a make-up class will be available due to our student and coach ratios.

The following is how we help you manage this for both group and private lessons.

Group Lessons – Missed Classes and Make-Up Classes

It is very important you provide us with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice that your child is unable to attend a group lesson via email.  We have set up a special email for you! The new email to use tennisinstitute@icloud.com 

We ask that you no longer advise us via text or phone call – this is so we can keep better track and have everything in the one place.

In terms of us providing you with a makeup class:

  • As mentioned above, 24 hours’ notice or a doctors note (if less than 24 hours notice is given) is required to qualify for a make-up class
  • It will be up to you to contact us about organising the make-up class
  • Once you get in touch, we will provide you with the information on our make-up days. This will be dependent on whether there are spots available. We are unfortunately unable to guarantee there will be spots available.
  • We ask that make-up classes please be organised within 2 weeks of the missed class
  • We can only schedule one make-up class per term (this is very important to ensure consistency for all of our students). 
  • Please email tennisinstitute@icloud.com to advise your child cannot attend and also organise your make-up class
If you don’t provide us with a minimum of 24 hours notice or a doctors note (if less than 24 hours), a make-up will not be offered.

Private Lesson

Please provide us with 24 hours notice – if this notice is not provided, we are unable to provide your with a credit as the coach has already been organised for your session. Please note that this will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Rain Affected Classes

  • You will be invited to attend an alternative session
  • If the new session does not suit the client, a credit will be offered
  • There may be multiple wash-outs in a Term with no penalty to the client

Technical Coaching

It is understood that in order to provide professional tennis training it is sometimes necessary for tennis coaches to physically coach in the development of student technique, which may require strictly appropriate physical contact between coaching staff and students.

Social Media/Media

By enrolling your child you acknowledge that The Tennis Institute may film, use video analysis and photography during programs, lessons and events.  You also acknowledge and agree that this usage, including for marketing and promotional purposes, is without compensation or notice to yourself and hereby give consent for images to be used on our website, social media platforms and/or other promotional material.  

If you have an objection to this, you must stipulate your position in writing to The Tennis Institute.  

Please follow us to ensure you have current information:  

Instagram @thetennisinstitutemelbourne 

Facebook @10sinstitute

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us.  The data collected from you will not be sold, transferred, exchanged or given to any other company for any reason, without your consent.  The email address/contact phone numbers on our software program will be used to send you information, and respond to requests/questions.

Medical and Liability

By enrolling your child you hereby authorise the staff of The Tennis Institute to act on your behalf, according to their best judgement, in any emergency requiring medical attention.  You therefore release The Tennis Institute from any and all liability for injury or illness and costs, incurred while undertaking a program or event with The Tennis Institute.

Term Fee Payments

In order to secure your place within our program all fee payments should be made on (or prior to) the completion of the second full week of coaching term. 

It is agreed that term fees will be paid for by the invoice date or a late fee of 10% of the total invoice will apply, or $30, whichever is lesser.  It is understood that there are no refunds on payment of term fees.  Late or periodic payment arrangements must be requested PRIOR to the due date by contacting Kylie.  NO exceptions will be made after the due date.   

Children who enrol after the first week of coaching will have fees applied on a pro rata basis.  Please make sure that any cash/cheque payments are placed in a sealed envelope with your name on it and handed to your coach.  

Parental Involvement

The Tennis Institute supports Tennis Australia’s stance and efforts in the education of parents on their important role as the parent of a young tennis player.  To this end, please find below some pointers that parents should be mindful and aware of:

The Tennis Institute requires that all parents remain off the court during lessons.  This is vitally important for many reasons but primarily for the development of the coach-player relationship and development of player independence.

As a parent/guardian of a student within The Tennis Institute’s Programs you hereby agree to the following requirements relating to your conduct:

  • Remember that your child plays tennis for their enjoyment, not yours
  • Always treat your child/ren the same, irrespective of the match result
  • Remain calm and relaxed on the sidelines
  • Let the coach do the coaching – it is counterproductive otherwise!
  • Let your child know that your love for them is not associated with their sporting performances
  • From time to time let your child compete without your presence
  • Give your child space so he/she can develop independence
  • Be there if your child has a poor performance, be a good listener