The Tennis Institute coaches are required to create a fun and safe environment for all players.
The Tennis Institute is committed to ensure every child that participates within our programs are safe. We take child safety seriously and believe We Are Tennis is responsible for creating an environment where children have only the joy of tennis in the minds and hearts.
The Tennis Institute will embed child safety into our policies, procedures and day to day operations to maximise the safety of children participating in our programs. We follow, understand, acknowledge and accept the Tennis Australia ‘safeguarding children guidelines’ and will adhere to them in their entirety.
We are committed to a strong child safe culture within our business and will always look for opportunities to strengthen our policies to create the safest possible environment for children.

Our Commitment 

Please view our safety commitments to players, parents/carers and ensuring a child safe organisation.

Do You Feel Safe?

Please refer to the details of Tennis Australia’s Safety Team.

The Tennis Institute’s Child Safety officer is Kylie Wilkeson. You can contact Kylie on 0434 700 446.


Keeping Children Safe

If you are concerned a child is being abused or neglected please follow the link to contact your Member Protection Information Officer.

More Support

Asking for help is not always easy, but if you do need help please click on this link for a list of services on offer.