Where and when are lessons conducted?

Lessons are conducted at both of our local venues, Belgrave Heights Tennis Club and Upwey Tecoma Tennis Club.

What do I need to wear?

Please ensure that you dress in comfortable sports clothing, and wear tennis shoes (flat sole, non marking).  Also a drinkbottle, hat and sunscreen is recommended.

Do I need my own racquet?

Yes. We can recommend a suitable racquet and organise one.  It is important that the correct size racquet is used – We can guide you regarding the right size, grip and weight. We are sponsored by Head, who offer incredible quality products – “A racquet for every game”. 

Which program is most suitable for my child?

All children are individuals, hence we offer various programs to cater for all players.  Be it a group, private or squad session, we have a great program for you.  When a new player joins our program we offer a FREE trail session. This way we can establish the players current ability, goals etc and then place each individual into the most suitable program.

How do I sign up?

Please click here to register, and one of our team will be in touch to organise your Free Trial.

Can I enrol after the term has started?

Yes!  Register for your Free Trial lesson, and once your lesson time is confirmed you will be invoiced a pro rata rate for the remainder of the current term.

Do I need to re register each term?

No.  To secure your position within our program all students are automatically reenrolled for the coming term.  If you wish to opt out, please email us and ensure that you give us 14 days notice.

Does my child (or myself) need to be a club member to have lessons?

No, you don’t need to be a member to join lessons.  We do however encourage you to join your local club as yearly membership rates are very cost effective.  This enables you to practice and have the peace of mind that you are covered by insurance via the club’s governing body, Tennis Victoria.  When you/your child commences competition tennis, then it is a requirement to become a member.

What if there is inclement weather on the day of my lesson?

In the event of a heat out/washout, all clients are marked within our software program as requiring a ‘makeup’ lesson.  All missed lessons are able to be made up, and are these lessons are arranged on an alternative day.  In the event that a lesson missed due to inclement weather is not made up during that term, it is credited onto your next terms coaching account.

COVID – 19

Treat attendance at tennis the same as attendance at school.  If you are unwell, please stay home, unless you can return a negative rapid antigen test.  Lessons missed will be marked as make up in our software, to be made up during the current term.